Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau exit entry administration department was named national civi

11, 24, was informed that the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau exit Entry Administration Department of the Ministry of public security as a national civilized window".

in recent years, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau exit Entry Administration for the "national civilized window" activities as the carrier, has always been to serve the people, to make people satisfied with work as a priority among priorities, continue to launch new initiatives to benefit the public. Has invested about 200000 yuan to improve the accreditation hall and office facilities, the addition of the LED electronic display, live portrait acquisition equipment, updated touch inquiry system. And simplify procedures, have developed and improved the "file management system" and other 30 rules and regulations and working mechanism. To go abroad (border), the funeral business compared to the situation of emergency application, through the cover "urgent" into the "Easy Access chapter". At the same time, the immigration clearance from the original 15 days time shortened to 7 to 10 working days, "express" can be in two working days Banjie, foreigners visa within 3 working days, there is an emergency gone through the day. There are special circumstances, as long as the appointment in advance, whether it is holiday or rest day, can handle all kinds of foreigners visa.

through a series of convenient measures, ordinary passport is convenient, have applauded, Mr. Lee retired back to Xining from other provinces said: "the new way for a passport is too good, my unit and personnel files in the provinces, if not reform, my passport also returned to the provincial seal, it is now too convenient." A Japanese businessman said: "because of the need of business, I often take the Chinese staff before they go abroad, the passport is too cumbersome, now the policy is relaxed, the procedures are simplified, our company exit more convenient, we feel very satisfied with these foreign."