Driving into the mainstream of the chase golden week

"eleven" during the National Day holiday, colorful autumn Datong become a tourist charming scenery good to hear or see inside and outside the province, self driving tour has become the mainstream of this year’s National Day Golden Week tourism datong.

for the display of Datong in autumn and winter tourism resources, tourism popularity, the "eleven" period, Datong County was held in Lanzhou in autumn and winter tourism promotion, "eleven" during the golden week, carefully organize tourism activities in autumn. Classic mountain national AAAA grade scenic spot, Chahansala River National AAA class tourist attractions and national Forest Park kite ditch picturesque scenery attracts tourists and photographers. Master Mountain Scenic Area parking lot full of tourists climbing Lansheng, to enjoy the festive joy in the best of spirits. Datong River Scenic Area and national Forest Park Chahansala kite ditch scenic area became the majority of photographers paradise, from outside the province amateur car, indifferent to gather beauty here. The rural tourism reception point business hot, colorful folk custom activities and characteristics of rural dishes favored by foreign tourists.

according to statistics, during the eleven golden week, Datong County, a total of tourists received a total of 49 thousand and 200 tourists, an increase of 12%, tourism revenue of $9 million 96 thousand, an increase of 19%. The old hill, Chahansala River, kite ditch three major scenic spots in the "eleven" holiday tourists 7162 passengers, ticket revenue 104 thousand and 900 yuan. From Xining, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Xi’an and other places to increase the number of self driving travel, hotel accommodation rate of 78%. (author: right Weiyuan)