n the first 7 months of this year, the construction of the beautiful countryside in the plateau of

8 month 5 days, reporters from the provincial housing and urban construction department was informed that, as of the end of July, the 300 plateau beautiful countryside has started construction, various construction projects 1316, 2 billion 912 million yuan to raise funds for construction, an increase of 79.34%. Completed an investment of 1 billion 726 million yuan, accounting for the plan of 86.3%, an increase of 104.26%.

it is reported that as of the end of July, the province completed the village planning and construction of the beautiful countryside plan submitted for the record of 231, accounting for 77% of the plan; 69 villages in Xining, Haidong, Yushu, Guoluo, village planning has been completed. In 33 beautiful villages in rural areas to implement the transformation of farmers and herdsmen households, accounting for all the old buildings of the task of 20.1%, has started construction.

all through the integration of various agricultural projects, raise funds, twinning, new construction and renovation of village comprehensive service center 206; the construction of village culture and sports leisure Plaza 78, and equipped with the corresponding sports facilities; the implementation of the 300 cultural villages and households; the implementation of 300 agricultural (animal husbandry) from the estate project. At the same time, the village road hardening, upgrading of power grids, drinking water safety and other projects to accelerate the infrastructure and public service facilities to be further improved.

at the same time, the province’s 39 counties in accordance with the special treatment of agricultural and pastoral areas of the action of the work of the program for five years, the development of the implementation of the program, the special treatment of agricultural and pastoral areas to start a comprehensive. In the 198 plateau beautiful countryside to carry out comprehensive environmental remediation, investment of 43 million 350 thousand yuan, the implementation of contiguous remediation, equipped with garbage (bucket) 2760, garbage transport vehicles 250, 1000 sets of cleaning tools, public toilet 89, comprehensive renovation work environment has made remarkable achievements in agricultural and pastoral areas.