The central plain and improve the appearance of the city

In April 16th, I learned from the city, from the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action since the stubble in the area, the real appearance of the city, quickly set off a renovation boom, really improve the appearance of the city.

"battle" strong consciousness. Recently, the organization cadres of workers scrub guardrail, dustbin, bus station, public facilities "face"; the towns (Office) to mobilize the masses to scrub the area along the street storefront window for health improvement of families courtyard cluttered, scribbling, messy posted and all kinds of health corner, start a city together point system, to achieve environmental remediation uninterrupted, key parts do not relax, to consolidate the results do not rebound. "Canon" changed the appearance of the village. In April 13th, the organization of urban management, environmental protection, forestry and other departments and agricultural town office responsible person, to Ping An county Haidong city rural sanitation work learning advanced experience and advanced practice, to carry out a comprehensive integration of the construction of rural sanitation work to retrieve the "canon", effectively promote the comprehensive improvement of rural sanitation work, improve the area of the village. Nine actions together. To determine the environmental remediation, the city landscaping, order rectification, improve municipal facilities renovation, building facade renovation, environmental pollution, environmental governance, village area environmental remediation, the city entrance traffic along the comprehensive improvement of the environment and nine special action, jointly promote the city environmental regulation, to enhance the overall quality. Six key to ensure effectiveness. Immediately, quickly set off the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action upsurge; focus, to ensure the comprehensive improvement of city environment hundred days of action effectiveness; grasp the node, accelerate the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action to implement the responsibility to ensure the progress of work; city environment comprehensive rectification action task; jianzhanglizhi, perfect the long-term mechanism of comprehensive improvement of urban environment; strengthen the propaganda, to create a strong comprehensive improvement of urban environment and working atmosphere.