Xining 10 quantitative grading management of tableware centralized disinfection hygiene standards

is currently included in the quantitative management of Xining City, 10 tableware centralized disinfection companies can meet the requirements of the specification.

Xining has made quantitative level of the enterprise, the disinfection production process layout is reasonable, the operation area setting can ensure the continuity of tableware disinfection in non operation area, functional area clear, reasonable set of cleaning and disinfection process, and reached a total area of not less than the total area of 500 square meters, the operating area of not less than 300 square meters. Request. Health supervision department under the supervision of Frequency Quantization, a supervision and inspection once every six months, B quarterly inspection once every two months, C monitoring time, did not get the grade a monthly inspection. The tableware sampling monitoring two consecutive pass rate of less than 95% units of tableware disinfection, disinfection tableware tableware used by health regulators notice to stop using the unit provided by the units, units do not use tableware by the health supervision department to stop the use, by the regulatory authorities in accordance with the "food safety law" given administrative punishment.