School layout adjustment will be added to the Sea Lake District, a beautiful primary school

March 18th, the reconstruction project of Xining Liu Village Primary School in the Lake District Wenhua Road started, this is the Peach Road Primary School, West District in the lake district started construction of second primary school, the Lake District school layout adjustment to add a thick and heavy in colours.

There are two reasons: the reconstruction of the school

school belongs to the class D dangerous, threatening the safety of students and teachers; the school only has 18 classes, students are Liu Zhai, Han Zhuang village children, the next few years in the lake district residents will increase rapidly, the existing school buildings to accept. Accordingly, the West District Liu Zhai primary school reconstruction project as a special government projects for the tangible things, the project covers an area of 20 acres, plans a total investment of 35 million yuan, school construction area of about 10300 square meters, the project is completed and put into use, can open the 24-30 classes, 1200-1400 can meet the students studying at the same time, can be the Lake District of new residents effectively solve the problem of their children to school.