To promote the Datong military enterprises build a model village



2012, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County 13 towns 46 villages and government agencies, police forces, launched the "military enterprises partnership enterprises build a model village". In order to promote the county’s "military enterprises build a model village" activities, the county clear ideas, research, meticulous arrangements, innovative methods of work, to take 10 measures to accelerate the construction activities.

inspectors "military enterprises to build the demonstration county village" activities leading group office jointly organized groups of inspectors, deeply difficult village, the demolition of buildings, dilapidated housing, housing, toilet, built next roadblock plaque, a comprehensive remediation for the implementation of "Five", to doors, walls, wall work to create conditions for change. 46 village renovation of dilapidated buildings, walls and doors, whitewash transformation transformation, village road hardening, greening project is fully carried out, the formation of a good situation, the people involved in the joint construction of the demonstration village.

strengthen the propaganda and guide the township through meetings, door to door, hanging banners, posters and other forms, significance and importance of further extensive publicity activities to build and guide the masses to participate in the activities to build, in key sections, crossing the production of billboards 3-5 amplitude. Propaganda departments give full play to the role of television, radio, Internet and other media, to create a public opinion atmosphere. Continue to increase the information submitted to the work, to promote the construction of the activities of the advanced models and experience, to play the role of demonstration and radiation.

leader of the village county leaders attach great importance to this work, take the responsibility, actively cooperate with the relevant units and enterprises to participate in the construction activities, to help solve the difficulties in the village, and play a role in helping contact point. The establishment of the county leaders to contact the village to build a system of work, village leaders at least 2 times a week to carry out inspection and guidance work in rural areas.

to accelerate the build to promote the degree of the township cadres to deploy effective strong team, to set the village, will be responsible, to complete the task, work time. The implementation of "government enterprises build a model village daily activity system", submitted to the work progress to ensure the progress every day, every day, on the effectiveness of the sunrise.


Department linkage, to strengthen the functions of each village in county departments and units to arrange a section leader responsible for the work of helping the initiative to unite and village cadres and the masses to jointly seek common good ideas, and common construction. At the same time, give full play to the functions of the Department, to carry out the village planning, financial assistance, corporate walls, such as the transformation of whitewash and other work together to form a concerted effort to promote co construction activities.

planning first county housing security and Construction Bureau issued a village construction plan, to guide the construction of the demonstration villages in accordance with the plan to build, to prevent chaos, from the planning phenomenon. And actively join the province;