Huang Jia Zhai Zhen in Datong County actively preparing for the relevant supervision and leadership

In order to meet the

to build the city office, municipal organization department, Municipal Finance Bureau inspectors group of Huang Jia Zhai Zhen "military enterprises build a model village" village environmental remediation work supervision. In August 24th, the town Party committee, the government convened the village cadres, the village committee team responsible person, in the town on the third floor conference room held a "military enterprises build a model village" activities to mobilize. Meeting chaired by the party secretary Yan Shouchun. The book written for the
is a leading group set up special health and environmental remediation, group based personnel as soon as possible, the task will be to specific people, specific point, to carry out the work; two is the remediation work, task again, time is short, the village committee team must be a highly responsible attitude, focus on remediation work in the village to carry out rectification work, ensure everything in good order and well arranged.

8 month 25 days to 26 days, the town leadership to lead the village cadres and village committees and other staff, in the East Village Liu carried out remediation work, the main task is to clean up the accumulation of solid waste, the village village ditch, around the village of white rubbish; governance cluttered, Sidaluanjian phenomenon etc.. Reach the village, roadside no scribbling, the village no exposed garbage ditch, no debris, no phenomenon of backyard poultry. At the same time, the establishment of a sound management and maintenance of the village environment management system, so that the village health environment has been further improved, a new look of the village.