East District of Xining city and PetroChina Gas Co actively do good things for the community

East District of Xining city and PetroChina Gas Co actively do good things for the community.
is located in Xining City East District of the Salesian community primary Erjian Jiashuyuan built in the last century in 70s and 80s, there was no heating facilities, residents have been using a coal stove for heating. In the 90s of last century, after the bankruptcy of the enterprise, the families of the hospital hosted by the community, one of the 70 people living in the building of the house are the elderly, low-income families, low-income families, empty nesters and elderly people more than 90%. Due to the use of coal stove for cooking and heating, do not pollute the environment, upstairs downstairs, pour into briquettes ash the old heavy burden. Over the years, a lot of old people in the home heating coal, community workers are helping to move up, the elderly who want to be able to install a day earlier in the home gas. According to the current market charges, the installation of natural gas to pay more than 3000 yuan per household. Taking into account the actual difficulties of these households, the community repeatedly to the district government and China Petroleum Gas Co coordination, communication, to the relevant departments to reflect the situation. After running, the district government and relevant departments should take the construction of residents reduced the broken road, landfill fees totaling 70 thousand yuan, at the same time, the oil Gas Co also reduced the total cost of 100 thousand yuan for the household part.