Datong invited the masses to participate in grassroots organizations

in the promotion of "Three Basics" work in Datong County, breaking the traditional practices, Secretary of the party organizations at all levels to carry out the work on the end of innovation, take the "face to face, a new way to face the camera, the WeChat platform" and other party debriefing, from the implementation of the "regular" to "time" and "on" to "on" role change, build an interactive platform for the cadres and the masses to participate in grassroots organization construction.

standing committee invited grassroots party to comment". The county does not regularly arrange Party committee secretary of the Party (workers) work in the county Party Committee Standing Committee, invite one by one party of 3 grass-roots unit debriefing comments on, and put forward rectification opinions on the existing problems. Since this year, has been arranged for 6 party (workers) appointed secretary of the party building work in the county standing committee. County and township (town), village (community) level at the end of the year held on the party building work on the post, Secretary of the party organization at all levels respectively to the Party leadership team members, Party members, two members on behalf of a construction site to accept the debriefing, comment and evaluation of the masses of Party members. Accept the masses "evaluation of TV work". County Organization Department make full use of television media, staging batches arrangement Party (workers) committee secretary in the county television stations around the planning and guidance of the work of Party building, Party building, Party building innovative practices to solve problem the work of Party building debriefing activities for 10 minutes. After the end of the TV report, by the county government website "party report" column, open report and video, accept Internet voting, the county Party cadres and the masses to collect opinions and suggestions, and according to the online votes voted "most popular party secretary". Currently, has selected the most popular party secretary 4.