County first tourist service center listing

For the convenience of tourists travel, tourism, shopping, September 5th, Chengzhong district tourist information service center officially listed on the stone street and Po international travel agency, which is following the Municipal Tourism Bureau established the first county area tourist information service center. It is reported that the city tourist Advisory Service Center relying on travel agencies, in the location of a comprehensive consideration of the geographical location, traffic and travel agencies qualifications, and then set up a few in the area. Service Center offers services publicity card, equipped with consulting and consulting staff, timely update the activities of promos, and provide convenient services for tourists, such as tourist publicity materials, tourist map, umbrella rental, mobile devices and other services free of charge, in the scenic descriptions, tourist information, tour information, tour guides, accommodation, scenic image display, complaint handling and safety tips and other functions in one. Relevant person in charge told reporters the Municipal Tourism Bureau, in order to serve tourists, City Tourism Bureau May tourist information service center was established in the central square, the city district tourist information service center was established, other counties will also have set up tourist information service center, to provide convenience for tourists.