City Seismological Bureau organized the west side of the station to carry out emergency response to

to further enhance the awareness of community residents to enhance disaster prevention and mitigation, earthquake emergency escape, self-help and mutual aid capabilities, inspection of community earthquake emergency plan, scientific and operational, the afternoon of November 30th, "the tiger Taiwan earthquake emergency office desk exercise" in the tiger Taiwan Street office 6 floor conference room. Provincial Seismological Bureau Xu Chuanjie, director of the Department of earthquake prevention, director of the center for education, director of the Municipal Seismological Bureau, Feng Zhenman, director of the city’s emergency response office, director of the earthquake to watch the emergency drills on the ground, the director of the office of the director of the municipal Bureau of emergency response, director of the Bureau of emergency response, director of the office of emergency response, director of the office of emergency response, director of. Tiger 5, the office of the village area of the village and community offices and more than 50 departments participated in the exercise of the activities of more than 3.
simulation scene 2, panic people filled the streets; the staff in a timely manner to the temporary settlements people paid emergency supplies, and guide people to evacuate to the nearby earthquake shelter residents; loss statistics.