Sudajie Dui wo – good chicken franchise market sales

brand food franchise project selection, has been very popular. Sudajie Dui Wo chicken? High quality food, a good choice to be trusted. If you join the sudajie Dui Wo chicken project is very exciting, hurry up!

Su Dajie Su Dajie Hot pot old chicken Dui Wo relying on resources, cooking is self-contained, mellow taste, spicy and delicious kanetomo, wide adaptability, long aftertaste, embodies the characteristics of "more profound, more professional, more people". Sudajie Dui Wo chicken? Sudajie Dui Wo chicken original ecological stocking, its unique process of Dui Wo Chung, green natural ingredients to secret recipe to cook, to achieve a healthy and perfect mix of fashion.

sudajie Dui Wo chicken Hot pot seasoning formula was improved, and gradually formed a bottom of the pot soup, Tang sehong bright aftertaste characteristics, with its unique sophisticated mellow won recognition of consumers, establish a good reputation among the people. Sudajie Dui Wo chicken soup (dry) pot authentic Chongqing flavor, from the method of making folk, with hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant oil, and has won numerous customers a Bludger sought after features drool with envy flow, Xiangpiao thousands of


sudajie Dui Wo chicken, original chicken + authentic Chongqing flavor, unique process of Dui Wo Chung, the current range of ecological chicken as raw materials, annual chicken meat is the most delicate, smooth, taste the best, the unique process of Dui Wo Chung, dozens of excellent seasoning products exclusive blend of tastes spicy and delicious, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

joined sudajie Dui Wo chicken? Healthy nutritious food, the best choice for small business. In the catering market, small business to choose sudajie Dui Wo chicken project, open their own sudajie Dui Wo chicken stores, the shop is made!