Analysis of why Feng Xianjie can venture success

entrepreneurs beyond count, but not many young entrepreneurs, we usually think, why do people have such a big difference, they have entrepreneurial success, we are still looking for a job in the state. Here to analyze the young entrepreneur Feng Xianjie entrepreneurial process.

entrepreneurs name card:

the beginning from 2010 start, continue to toss young people with rich experience in employment and entrepreneurship. He worked as a civil servant, but also his own business to do business, liquor agents, small hotels, etc.. After a number of entrepreneurial failure, a chance to apply for his job as a decoration company salesman. He said that may be the idea before the business has not died, the clerk just started a month to start a business, contracting various types of projects, so called contractor".

"I do not wish it has not a fixed platform to struggle, this is not the direction." Feng said so. In accordance with the decoration company and the experience of doing the project, in 2011, he started again in May, the establishment of the United States to build the name of Building Decoration Engineering Design Co., ltd.. So far, just two years, the company’s business from home improvement, tooling services began to gradually develop the relevant supporting industries. According to him, the current monthly turnover can reach hundreds of thousands.

start to early

in micro-blog, Feng Xianjie often released from the book, he saw some share of micro-blog brilliant application. As an entrepreneur, he will send some of their own entrepreneurial sentiment.

"my personal opinion, after graduating from college students entrepreneurship is good, the largest.