Xin Xin Network founder Liu Xin just graduated from the University of WeChat gold profit

today to interview a 90 Internet entrepreneurs, his name is Liu Xin, just graduated from college a year, has set up his own company, Beijing Xin Xin Network Technology Co., ltd..

Liu Xin sat opposite me, you may not see at first glance he is a ten million wealth after 90 entrepreneurs. Friends said he was very low-key in the Internet circle, different from those very high-profile 90 entrepreneurs. But when you talk to him, you will find that he is a very thoughtful and humorous person. For the Internet has deep insight.

Liu Xin entered the Internet very early, early are their own spare time to do their own website, what do not understand is through the Internet to consult or buy their own books to study, he told the author, just do the Internet, often for several night in front of the computer, after he successfully made the first website yourself, and make a pot of gold of life. With the return to make him more determined his goal. Laid the foundation for later success.

time flies, Liu Xin to the University, while WeChat has entered our life, Liu Xinmin sharp sense of smell let him feel the true value of WeChat, which began his social media gold road. WeChat registered public number, every day released a very high quality content for their own accumulated a large number of fans, but also through other channels to increase their own fans to increase rapidly.

when we talk to when WeChat fans, Liu Xin told me that a case is particularly interesting, "shake the new year sign so far Liu Xin has nearly 800W fans, fans of course or in the daily growth. During this time he set up his own company, set up its own core team.

later, I asked him how to get a WeChat public number do fans like him so close to 800W, he smiled and said: "it is actually very simple, the first day of the content must be his heart made out of things, the best is original content. But down to earth, not floating; the second is to seize the current focus."

Finally, I asked

to his goal in the near future, he said: "our main goal now is to make the team a very powerful new media matrix, with the development of the Internet we can do more with the fans, to achieve more value."

after the end of the interview, Liu Xin sent me out from his company, simple farewell, I looked back at him walking in the door, he is a 90, but in him it is difficult to see the problems many of today’s 90, there is only a different from their peers maturity and wisdom.