What are the warm underwear fabric

thermal underwear is what we wear in winter, this product allows us to be more warm. So, in the choice of time to pay more attention to thermal underwear fabric, because the fabric is different, its products are very different. What fabric underwear? Xiao Bian introduced.

thermal underwear fabric. It is a kind of plant fiber, it is known as the cool and noble fiber. It has good hygroscopicity and humidity It is not easy to produce static heat conduction, rapid heat dissipation, wearing cool, not close to the skin after sweating, more resistant to washing, good heat resistance.

thermal underwear fabric: Mulberry silk. Animal protein fiber, natural, smooth and soft, rich luster, a warm feeling, the friction phenomenon when there is "unique", Ming wire extension good, good heat resistance, not salt erosion, thermal underwear what material? Should not be treated with chlorine bleach or detergent.

thermal underwear fabric: viscose. Material chemical material processing in wood, cotton linter, reed containing natural cellulose into, is also often called artificial cotton underwear, what material? The utility model has the basic properties of natural fiber, good dyeing performance, good fastness, soft fabric, big ratio, good drape, good moisture absorption, good wearing, and is not easy to produce static electricity, fuzzing and pilling.

thermal underwear fabric: Acetate fiber. What are the warm underwear? Acetate fiber: cellulose containing natural materials by chemical processing, will have a silk style, wearing a light and comfortable, good elasticity and elastic recovery performance, should not be washed, poor color fastness.

thermal underwear fabric: polyester. Belongs to the polyester fiber, has excellent elasticity and resilience, fabric crisp, not wrinkle, shape preserving, high strength, good elasticity, durable wear and excellent light fastness, but easy to produce static electricity and dust hygroscopic.

thermal underwear fabric: nylon. For polyamide fiber, also known as nylon, dyeing in synthetic fiber is better, wearing light, and has good waterproof and windproof performance, high wear resistance, strength elasticity are very good.

thermal underwear fabric has many kinds, these are small as we summed up the thermal underwear fabrics, thermal underwear fabrics with different production, it will be different, according to their own needs to choose the material with thermal underwear.