When it comes to money, O2O what are the clouds! Look at how Hengda Taobao 1 billion burn

lead: first team per capita cost 20 million, buy players at least at 820 million



1:0 Gordon Asia Summit Hengda Taobao!! Hengda Taobao to become the first Asian Football Club worthy of the name, in the past five years, Taobao has won AFC Champions League, Hengda Super League, FA Cup and super cup competitions a total of 10 championship.

just two weeks ago on November 6th, Guangzhou Hengda Taobao Football Club (834338.OC) in the new board officially listed.

night, Hengda Taobao released financing program. At a price of 40 yuan per share, issue of shares to 66 million 176 thousand and 500 shares, to raise funds of $152 million to $2 billion 647 million.

to calculate the 375 million shares of equity financing Hengda Taobao, which means that before the valuation of up to $15 billion, while in the past two and a half, the company lost more than $1 billion.

as a football club has reached the top of the Asia Hengda Taobao, will top three new board top? "Read" the new board (WeChat public number: ddxinsanban) with Hengda Taobao through the public transfer instructions, to present you as a new board company "Taobao Guangzhou Hengda football club".

1, rich in order to self

for diversification and not so successful Hengda Group, Hengda Taobao is an exception.

2010, Hengda Group bought rival Taobao predecessor club in Guangzhou. That year, Hengda Taobao won a champion, and in the next 5 years to take over five, was named the "best Asian Club afc".

‘s outstanding record has attracted more and more hardcore fans. In 2014, the team averaged attendance of 42 thousand and 200 people, ranked in the top super (super game audience number is 19 thousand).

is behind the success of Jinyuan strategy. Over the past 5 years, Hengda Group for Hengda Taobao capital increase of 3, the total amount of 1 billion 580 million. Plus MA in July 2014 1 billion 200 million of the capital increase, Hengda received a total of $2 billion 780 million capital.

and huge capital corresponding to the amount of consumption is. 2013, 2014, 1-5 months in 2015, Hengda Taobao loss 570 million, respectively, 480 million and 260 million. Plus a few years before the loss, Hengda Taobao cumulative loss of 1 billion 800 million.

2, so spend: first team annual per capita cost of 20 million

football is the most people-oriented industry.

and drops taxi once a day to burn 30 million subsidies for passengers and drivers are not the same, Hengda Taobao almost all of the money burned on the players.

in 2014, the main business cost structure, for example, the first line of expenditure (mainly refers to)