Small adorn article stores earn market trick

is now a small jewelry store brands, fake jewelry flooded the market, so I want to survive and be skilled in the jewelry industry, marketing measure learning Joyce jewelry that you learned a lot.

Why is

the jewelry store is not high-grade goods, will not last long. Not to say that all the high-end jewelry store, but must have a certain proportion of high-grade goods, and in very significant position, so that the entire store class will go up, this is the main reason why the Joyce brand will provide complete grade of product line.

in addition to product factors, Joyce jewelry chain based on many years of operating experience, summed up a complete set is adopted according to the different types of customers with different marketing strategies, and systematic training and support for the franchisee, these have become the magic weapon of Joyce brand can win the market success.

women before going out, usually to a shopping destination: what to buy, how much to buy, what to buy, but the final goal is always all kinds of: "confirmation", what to buy, in shape, color, quantity, specifications, quality requirements and hearts are very clear; "uncertain", buy what things are amorphous, just inside the illusion, the ideal goal; and "Twilight", in their minds, such as the shape of the shopping smoke blurred.

into the shop, most of the eyes of women to do the "city movement". For "determined" customers, when shopping goals, often recommend