Grassroots media is facing a life-and-death matter big threshold

these days, we analyzed the data of 1000 WeChat group the number of public advertising orders, headline reading, average monthly number of push data behind the data changes we see a large grassroots crisis: since the media is now may have maximum since entering since to WeChat.

sample of 1000 accounts, including a total of 500 grassroots media accounts and outstanding original V account from the top 500. Two definitions of account adopted the classification method currently familiar: V outstanding original main original content, authentication account, the media attribute outstanding account; account is reproduced in the main roots, the content easy, many did not achieve certification.

we may wish to look at some of the key data:

a, this is our statistics derived from the 1000 accounts of the average number of single month push. As can be seen from the data, grassroots media and quality of the original large V number of times did not change much. Almost all diligently. Since November 2015, the average number of months since the grassroots media push has been to stabilize the situation is higher than the quality of the original large V account.


two, August 2015 is a very special point of time, grassroots media, excellent original V account of the average monthly number of single push quickly fell to the lowest value. And during that time, WeChat’s share for the induction of plagiarism and other titles, rectifying behavior, impact on the industry’s visible platform strategy. When the time passed smoothly, the daily operation of the public account returned to normal state.

three, and grassroots hard work from the media, stable monthly average number of push in stark contrast to the grassroots reading from the media continued to decline in the average number. Since May 2015 to now, the average number of grassroots media reading since the decline reached 42%, at the same time, the same period of time the quality of the original large V reading has reached nearly 10% of the increase.


actually, the average number of readings since the Spring Festival in 2015 after the data began to decline sharply, the first occurred in the grassroots account. In recent months, compared to the average number of reading, the quality of the original account and the difference between the grassroots account nearly 6 times the value of.

root account the biggest problem is lack of originality, plagiarism, induced by reading sharing and other issues, too much emphasis on some strange anecdotes (such as "do not turn not Chinese" in the PC era will become low quality content being abandoned), is to be included in the title of the rectification targets. As users of the content is more and more picky, low quality and low quality will be abandoned by the user account of what is happening in the industry – account still update, but users are fast.

four, this is January 2015 to >