Studio operating skills to share successful experience

now many friends like to take pictures, photo studio business is also good, there are many entrepreneurs intend to invest in a studio. Before we have started to open the studio, may wish to take a look at other people’s stories, or learning, or alert, will play a role in helping our entrepreneurial path. Studio management skills, the following is a successful experience sharing.

2002, Zhao Min’s boyfriend graduated from the Department of Journalism and photography, Wuhan University, gave up the reporter’s work, came to a studio in Shenzhen, China World Trade Center. Zhao Min was doing beauty sales, often to the store to help her boyfriend to greet guests, in the course of contacts is the boss, fancy to her to open up the market.

studio to do the market, can not simply standing in the doorway to distribute leaflets. Zhao Min remember, when the most often run Suning Appliance, and various stores to sign a contract, when the customer in Suning Appliance consumption to a certain amount, given its studio discount coupons, in order to attract people.

in the studio work for more than a year, Zhao Minmeng had to open his own thoughts. In this industry, who want to own shop, small investment, low threshold, easy to operate".

however, in a short time, and there is no loss of Zhao Min’s studio. Although the removal of overhead and usually spend less money, but at least to make money, which also strengthened the confidence of two entrepreneurs. If the money was lost, there may be no later 7 studio".

At the same time to open 7

the sweetness, is a marketing model Zhao Min fumbled in business: open studio in the industrial zone, the main wedding photography.


this road and the environment in 2003, Chinese joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), the world’s factory image has begun to take shape. The demand for migrant workers in the coastal areas is becoming increasingly strong, and more and more people are pouring into the newly built industrial areas. Two couples are recommended