A grass root community operation month over a million!

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not towards the king as a 90, is a member of numerous graduated in micro business of young people, he did 10 thousand fans for half a year, and the establishment of the more than and 100 charges of the community. He did not sell the dream, but in the sense of practice the dream, the Internet era, only a real micro electricity supplier.


Wangyeh towards science

internet science and technology news enthusiasts, brain hole open Internet electricity supplier. A real Hangzhou Ling’an farmers in Hangzhou, playing the entrepreneurial nuts. With their own efforts to practice a grass root counter attack.

for the following contents:

today is honored to be able to share in the way WeChat group to share some of their own experience. The last Hu share quite tall, so I have very worship. So, today I will share some of the more dwarf dwarfish poor now, today I’m going to talk about Wangyefu community I do.

why did I do the WeChat public number


before the Wangyefu community, I made WeChat public number: micro home. Why would I do such an account?.

2014 years ago, I have been doing Taobao, graduated in 2012 to start their own business in Hangzhou, Ling’an pecan and other nuts. Six months later, to find a job. Of course, the direction of Taobao related. From the customer service, customer service manager. After that, we can say is hunhun days. So, in early 2014, after the Spring Festival, ready to find a job, do not want to continue to go on the road to customer service, want to do Taobao operations, but the wood to be.

at job sites pull hook nets more fire, so also in the above resume. Then, inadvertently saw a recruitment of WeChat company, and think: can I change the industry, do WeChat related things? 2013, WeChat public number is fire, I also use a lot of information to the attention of WeChat number of public access.

so, on the point of opening the job information. Look at the next job requirements and job responsibilities, and the feeling is similar to Taobao operations, since that should be able to. Because I think, I have also seen almost a year or so of the WeChat public article, nothing more than is to send some articles, let fans see. Then see the position of the last to leave the HR of the QQ, on the addition of a self introduction, meaning that although not done WeChat operations, but usually in this regard or understanding, want to try. Then send the resume to the other party. The other side asked: if I give you a WeChat public number, 20 thousand fans, how will you operate? If you need to engage in an activity, how would you plan activities?

when I saw these two questions, I was. Because I do not even the most basic public background how to operate, such as editing articles published articles have not been operated, let alone operation >