How to retain customers when the commodity is out of stock

goods out of stock, this is a very common thing for any shop. After all, no matter how large your store, there will be out of stock, when the goods are not complete. We have a lot of retail households in general, the most available to customers without a word is: "sorry! The goods have been sold out."

last fall, a young man to my shop to buy a box of one hundred yuan of "the Yanghe River Daqu liquor store, because I did not have this wine, so I had to laugh and said to him:" I really feel shy, let you down out of stock!" Then I suggest that he is very friendly, this wine can only "XX" town Dongtou supermarket sale. When he learned that the "X" in the supermarket three miles away, and it cannot be determined when it is absolutely available, maybe he due to my friendly and enthusiastic, active please introduced me to other brands a grade and price is almost bought back.

in this case, if the customer is still hesitant to consider, we can also take the initiative to introduce him to other alternative brands. Finally, even can say "you look like a walk in the world of friends, your loyalty, my feelings, if you take care of my business, do not want to go to his house to buy, I hit a most favored fold, sell a price for your friend." Although we may be able to discount the price of goods, but we still have to earn a lot of money, maybe even more than a shopping friend, adding a potential customer.


should pay attention to the word when he shows his enthusiasm for the customer and introduces him to other businesses. Don’t say "XYZ" supermarket, can only say that there may be some; and can’t see you in the business, said not far or near in the next room, otherwise you really put the customer submissively.

in the current business market situation, if we want to do business, we naturally need to learn more business skills. As a business person, it is necessary to learn how to master some business. Although not to do profiteers, but must use wisdom to manage their own business, to win more customers and strive for more money!