Media will eventually change the direction of entrepreneurial tide

/ week Kanqi, co-founder of micro chain.

recently, an interesting phenomenon: the micro chain itself as a social entrepreneur App, appeared in many media column cooperation partners. Many businesses are invited to participate in the media to participate in the micro chain, such as: the annual meeting of drops express, but also as a media representative invited to attend. Wondering, a workplace social products, how to become a media


recently and several rebel media people chat, more and more feel: the boundaries of the media is disappearing, the media began to infiltrate like the Internet everywhere.

mediated media more creative

media from the literal dismantling refers to the dissemination of information media. As Marshall, a master of communication, ·, said, "the media is actually a kind of message" (). So, the new media contains, in fact, the new media concept. Today, a new media dispute, is in full swing.

2015 this year, a lot of paper media suspends. Traditional media began to worry, and the new media revolution does not seem so crazy.

penetration in the mobile Internet today, the traditional media has soaked into new media, and the essence of this revolution is: medium began to change, a variety of unexpected mediator and migration form. Luo Zhenyu, founder of the series of thinking, said: "all industries are media." All things are media, everything can be used as the medium of communication has come. As the Internet continues to sink, the emergence of new application scenarios, opened a new traffic entrance.

this year, the social network Facebook jointly launched 9 news publishing house Instant Articles (fast article), similar to today’s headlines information integration;

Apple this year also launched a news client, reached a cooperation with Bloomberg, CNN and other media are New York Times.

can be seen from the fact that social applications have begun to integrate media, the scene of the revolution. The entrance of social applications is relatively easy to imagine, and the next big wave of technology companies will be the influx of new media.

The rapid rise of

drops, making travel scene, cross-border communication mode drops +XX "has highlighted the value of communication, a new traffic entrance new scene, brand promotion, so as to implant the media attribute invisible drops. Drops travel’s numerous WeChat public numbers are sitting on millions of users. The general WeChat public number is more than 300 thousand of the user is large.

now, more and more emphasis on new media technology companies, and the formation of a media trend. More and more professional media into the technology company, responsible for new media operations. When the product and media integration, will burst out more creative communication play. Technology companies began to promote the media communication media, shaping the flow of new entrance.