Mr. Edison Chan and the Chinese self timer Network – see event marketing again

received a message from a friend, QQ:

, after the "storm of pornographic pictures" subsided, Edison Chan founded the "Chinese self timer net", which served as "CEO of Chinese self timer", "", "four habitat entertainment", "art circles", "IT circles" and "literary circles". Through the membership system, carefully to users to teach self experience, shooting techniques, equipment selection, publishing "self timer is an art", "my self, my road" and other books, to carry out online shopping digital product services. The Chinese self timer net was listed on NASDAQ in 2014. On the day after the listing, the U.S. stocks collapsed."

through pornographic door this wind, the webmaster launched another round of event marketing wind. What is event marketing? The station will answer for you in the near future.

1. Definition of event marketing

event marketing in English is called Event Marketing, and some people in China have literally translated it as "event marketing" or "activity marketing"". Event marketing (Event Marketing) is the enterprise through the planning, organization and utilization of celebrity effect, news value and social influence of the character or event of interest and attention of the media, social organizations and consumers, in order to improve the visibility and reputation of enterprise and products, and establish a good brand image, and eventually led to the sale of products or services the purpose of the means and methods.

simply, event marketing is through the press law, manufacture of newsworthy events, and through the concrete operation, let the news events to spread, so as to achieve the effect of advertising.

event marketing is very popular at home and abroad in recent years is a PR and marketing means, including news effect, effect of advertisement, public relations, image communication, customer relationship in one, and for the new product promotion, brand display opportunities, build brand recognition and brand positioning, the formation of a rapid increase brand awareness and reputation marketing tools. In the late 1990s, the rapid development of Internet has brought great opportunities to event marketing. Through the Internet, an event or a topic can be more easily spread and attract attention, successful event marketing case began to appear in large numbers.


two, the process of event marketing

The spread of

news has very strict rules. When an event occurs, whether or not it has newsworthy value determines whether it can spread across a small population in an oral manner. As long as the news value of it is large enough, it can be found by the media in the proper way, and then released to the public in the form of structured news. The news media has a complete flow of operations, and every media has a professional search for news professionals. So, as long as one thing really has news value, it’s >!