The local industry needs to ponder webmaster recycled steady diaoyutai

is very cold in the winter of 2009, moving 2010 still cool! In 09 in 10, to our webmaster left thinking too much, whether it is Baidu’s " 11" ranking phenomenon or recent server "across the board" phenomenon seems to be deliberately set to test our webmaster, in the dream we wake up from to encourage myself to persevere, to share with you today is a little experience in regional trade station.

1, the "unspoken rules" in the industry". Hear unspoken rules, many people know that the entertainment industry has unspoken rules, in fact, the market economy is also full of unspoken rules, I am in operation search class when it is also make full use of the unspoken rules, and achieved success. For example, my education and training industry Web site is generally rely on web advertising and Commission (such as admissions Commission) to make money, but because of the cost of the website, can be copied, the shortcomings of easy to imitate, appear before the profit model will soon be thedescendants imitation, then the industry website source of profits will depend on the business. Often can be seen and heard someone buy high price was fooled, in fact, in the market economy, the flicker is not equal to cheat, but can be approximately equal to the marketing, who "talk" high level who will earn more, this is the market economy that the market marketing = "huyou". As the industry Web site can also be understood as a service website, mainly is to act as an "intermediary" or "media" role, to contact with the unit leadership inevitably, such as education station as an example to pull advertising and principals to contact the school principal, empathy why advertising fee paid to you in the reality of the society so I would like to say that if the ten thousand reason rather than a work, that is to "rebate". This is the so-called "unspoken rule", unspoken rule can make you clever use of industry not only by the "leaders" welcome, can also lead to a lot of peer advertising on your site, the process of unspoken rule: – familiar with entertainment (please eat, please sing etc.) – "friends" (- – payment protocol address each other as brothers) – pay kickbacks".

two, return to nature, simple, such as hao123. With the continuous progress of technology, the technical content of the website is no longer the most important means of competition, the key to profitability is to provide practical information. Baidu and Google are now very love static page separate, static industry is not okay. Blindly indulge in code, to improve the study every day, is not much significance, our webmaster to put their own simple ideas, simple to add, delete and modify only, simple to just HTML, "return to the original station" increased from a practical point of view the user experience, let the most stupid people to you the station can also find something you like to, the station will be successful.

three, originality needs a process. Original is kingly, has become an indisputable fact, originality is difficult? In the absence of access to the "state" before, "catch the ducks shelves", it will be very difficult, will not be original, advise you simply give up the internet. Originality needs a change from quantity to quality. You can see how a pupil teaches composition