Website viscosity Optimization you need to do more than you think

The viscosity optimization of

visitors has been enshrined in the site of an operation during the operation of a site. Because for a site, the viscosity of visitors directly related to the survival and development of the site. Your site has a loyal visitor, the more you sell products or services, the more easy to get customers favor, the site’s back rate improved, visitors conversion rate will follow the rise. It can be said that a high viscosity of visitors environment can help us reduce the promotion costs and reduce the pressure of promotion.

colleagues, the webmaster may have a set of their own visitors viscosity optimization experience, or that has been in the visitors viscosity optimization achieved certain results. But today I want to say is: "is the so-called Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, we must understand that visitors should do more often than viscosity optimization to the visitors, the viscosity of optimization is a long-term work, the site in the process of operation we want to focus on, and always pay attention to improve.

should pay attention to the effectiveness of visitor viscosity

is the so-called "None is perfect", we know there are some useless visitor loyalty site visitors, not all loyal visitors are on the site, when you see the old site visitors continue to accumulate, the visitors lead to more and more high at the same time, to understand the old visitors not all visitors it is useful to you, it may be because some sites in some useless content to stay. For example, your site is a webmaster communication based BBS, but often there are many so-called "loyal visitors" came to your site, but just to release the chain or promotion product just. The proportion of invalid visitors directly reveals where your site exists, such as the content of the site and site relevance is poor, improper operating strategy, the target visitors know little, and so on. Each stay in your site visitors have different purposes and experience, according to the actual situation to do some targeted optimization, visitors viscosity effectiveness will improve.

can’t be blind to the status quo,

some sites do a period of time, the foundation has also accumulated a lot of visitors, old visitors formed a certain amount, a certain viscosity visitors began to think of the site visitors pleased with oneself, the viscosity is high enough, do not need to do too much work. When you begin to be satisfied with the status quo, you may begin to slack off your target audience. Although said that as long as we have a certain viscosity, these loyal visitors will experience on site visitors, the decrease of content quality has a certain degree of patience, but also by the limit, when you do not pay attention to visitors, SEO and SEO, or will all work center of gravity in the promotion, you the visitor loyalty groups will loose, they will probably leave you as a webmaster, this site no matter to what extent, you are not satisfied, but can not ignore the visitors.

maintains regular visitors while actively accepting new visitors,

When is the

forum the best communication channel on the Internet?