See, novice garbage station a month to do 30 thousand P practical Raiders, after their own operatio

a few days ago, saw Asawa’s "new garbage station a month to 30 thousand IP practical Raiders", think two trick Asawa referred to is indeed the merit, think it is very practical, oneself also particularly seriously explore the two strokes, and with it, think this is indeed in the long standing two strokes in the first half net article is a rare good, now I summarize the use process and my feelings. Interested can read. hodgepodge has its link in the hao123 page, and ranked in the community fourth, traffic should one day hundreds of thousands of millions should not exaggerate. First, I looked at the Azeri said the paste, remember the first day back paste was around 6000, according to the community of 50 people to see it a personal response ratio shows that the top 300 thousand first posted daily traffic is still relatively realistic. In the bottom top ZhuTie hair a stick, if with the temptation of pictures or text, the theory is that there should be ten thousand IP a day, and the day is really someone top their post with top way I was determined to learn, this first move.

is my first find Asawa said the moon symbol exists, and is easy to get. Soon, I found the moon symbol, as long as there is MP, in the place you can buy sell props. Asawa said that is not false, I will go to Taobao to find MP, easy to find MP MP is not possible to sell, sell, sellers are often not online, so the next day I have to wait until the seller also finally successfully spent the money to buy about 100000 yuan MP.

  买好了MP,我就到猫扑大杂烩,买好月明符,一步一步地摸过来,时间是花了不少,但想到上万IP一个贴,也就觉得值得了.然后我准备好了这些东西后,就去回贴,怎么发都发不上链接,后来我问阿泽,阿泽告诉我是要代码发,他告诉了我代码,我才能发上链接.能发上链接我还得感谢阿泽的帮助,虽然一直我问他问题他都说忙,但这个回链接这个问题他倒是回复,还特别和我聊了一会,解释说当天有上百人加他做好友问关于猫扑发贴的事.也难怪他不能同时回应太多人.后来我成功地发回了有广告链接的贴,并且置顶,第一个小时我就来了1300多的IP,我爽死了,可惜来了6000多IP后,我的贴 Has been deleted, also be the title, so depressed! A piece of money MP gone, I more than 6000 IP so I earn the.

summary of what the first one: the number is deleted, he was unhappy, as Asawa said, this is a very vast resort was very good move, but a public, with more people, the administrator also began to pay attention to such advertising. So our probability is big. Yourself feel uncomfortable, I have to admit that this is indeed the first half of a rare good move. But this move from the public, can be associated to many forums can use sticky way to reply, if >