Damn Ali mom and don’t know what to say about Baidu

Ali’s mother is becoming less and less human. From the beginning, he’s quite friendly and becomes like an old woman. Stingy, unreasonable, and.

at the beginning to join Ali mother, because of his respect for the small station, gave a lot of grassroots webmaster a choice. Many webmaster think Ali mother will replace GG in china. But now, I found I was wrong and very wrong. Ali’s mother has made me angry by more and more ugly manners and actions.

My master:

Netcom broadband (http://s.cnckp.com) has not been included in Baidu’s case, by sticking with my own efforts, get a lot of love every day in search of Netcom users, IP is less than 100, IP has been stable at 1500 above. But, damn mom was in Sichuan when the earthquake, because I also reduce the users of the site, give me a reason for my abnormal data station sealing, and frozen I used to spend the earthquake through advertising revenue. My Deputy Station: http://s.videocnc.cn (CNC film studio) was closed in 6.25 because of the revision. And in order to sedate, in Ali mother backstage all advertising position off the shelf. But unfortunately, in 6.27, I restore the site is, and incredibly gave me a data exception. All the shelves of the advertisement have abnormal data, is closed for???? Ali mother TM is really an idiot? Eat


to tell the truth, do a few alliance, the credibility of the best and most stable I still feel mop.com and Qi run ads, at least as long as I don’t cheat, people will not think that Ali mother. No humanity.

I do not bother to apply for re opened, the loss of humanity "mother", there is no need to choose. Ali is not only your mother has such an advertising business model. Http://s.yigao.com/ is also a good platform.

well, I have to talk about Baidu. I really don’t know whether to thank or what. There’s a feeling of wanting to cry. My CNC broadband (http://s.cnckp.com) has been doing since last year. Has been more than half a year, Baidu actually has not included. It ticks me off。 A few days ago, there was no way to send a final email to Baidu management to explain my situation. For really seriously do stand site is not included, the station is to let me sad and disappointed. And take the address and statistical data to indicate that if Baidu does not include, I will abandon the update, and even reluctantly closed. The mail was sent around 25, and it was a surprise to find out today that Baidu has included my station, though it’s only a simple home page. But it must be a hope.