Elementary analysis of how to optimize the home page of tea packaging industry

            Home Page Title Optimization in the whole website can be said to be a very important site, the author believe that the webmaster friends all know, we all know that the weight is the highest and the home page title is one of the weight calculation, according to the official Baidu that three now the label: < title>… < /title>; < keywords>… < /keywords>; < description>… < /description> < in; keywords>… < /keywords>… < description>… .< /description> measure is not taken, without the need to calculate the weight it is, but I still suggest that writes, especially < description> to write and write competent appeal will not be over 100 words, as < keywords> if the writing is not good if it is best not to write. May be counterproductive, I suggest that if you really want to write something, write up 2-4 keywords can. About < keywords> and < description> simply say here, here is back to the title of the topic home Title optimization.

      in determining a web site’s home page title, it is necessary to analyze and select the target keywords, here, perhaps some novice webmaster will ask how to analyze, select the target keywords? Here is simple and you say something about the author now to optimize related sales of tea packaging this station is how to choose the target keyword analysis, is the first rank in the top 10 of the Baidu snapshot station and the analysis of these stations are compared with each other, to see these stations the page title is what keywords "this can be used to query" use webmaster tools through the Baidu index query the Baidu index is how much and included the amount of grasp the intensity of competition, the author suggests that the novice webmaster first not to do those index is very high, it is also a high word word like a large degree of competition it is difficult to do, but also do not target keywords choose no index word, choose according to their own ability to the selected target keyword index above 100 is below 300, as is the most novice webmaster Good choice of more than 100 or less than 100 words, such words easier to do, and more importantly, can give new Adsense confidence.

  in this article, I’m optimizing the tea packing station, which is based on the above research of competitors and the combination of the flagship products produced by the company and communication with the Sales Department