Business owners in their own words Alipay the wisdom of reform

Baidu does not sell, then a shot is the industry’s big shot. Recently, Baidu announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Netdragon, will be $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wholly-owned radio, the product also contains 91 mobile phone assistant, Android market, 91 mobile open platform, 91 panda reading, 91 panda desktop and other sub directory. For the Internet era oligarchs now, the traditional powers fight capital has known, in the face of Ali and the Tencent more perfect product system, Baidu has all along. And now the acquisition of 91 wireless, coupled with the previous PPS M & A case, Baidu has finally in the mobile Internet era has its own development capital.

of course, for Baidu into several larger moves, surrounded by many friends say that this is for the AT team blocking. Perhaps Tencent said fortunately, after all, the product attributes are not exactly the same, but Ali for Baidu is a lingering shadow. From the earlier Taobao screen Baidu index, and later launched Ali cloud to enter the vertical shopping search, then to now join the High German, Sina, unfamiliar street and a series of social products, Ali in the surrounding electric diffraction indeed let Baidu feel afraid. If only Ali to do electricity providers, then Baidu also has the opportunity to breathe. However, in the face of data, platforms and financial three strategies, who can see that Ali’s ambition is to have all the liquidity of the flow to get together for their own use, so Baidu naturally can not sit still.

in the Baidu acquisition of 91 radio news at the same time, Ali officially announced the launch of a new tour products, to dilute the Baidu news. This is another contest between the two sides. In fact, the recent work of Ali is trivial, but careful analysis is very reasonable, it is entirely from the perspective of the future to consider the needs of their own development. Like the emergence of the balance of treasure, many friends say that the risk of being supervised to do a financial product, in addition to the amount of profit beyond, the more important is the question of trust, these two aspects are the development of hidden dangers. But imagine if Ali not to do so on the basis of Alipay reform, and there will be what kind of situation?

is a direct to the reality is that Ali will be wasted all the existence of Alipay’s cash, to gather and be used in a certain angle can not avoid the outflow of funds to other platforms. But the balance of treasure is not the same, the name of the name of fund investment and financial management of all funds, although the income compared with the bank’s fund project is relatively low, but the risk coefficient as small, and the most attractive is the network consumption of funds without delay. So in the course of contacts, the balance of treasure many friends for such a simple "convenient" and join Alipay, contribute to Ali financial business. And what is more important is the change will make Alipay product positioning tool change, let more consumers understand that Alipay is a financial tool, rather than simply set a payment tool, for this, Ali after the financial services to carry out a lot of convenience.