Original content insurance postponed to empty talk, then have to say how to protect the original con

an insurance company launched an original content of insurance, the insurance is divided into two grades, the investment of 30 yuan and 60 yuan premium, if the success of rights can obtain compensation for 10 thousand and 30 thousand yuan of insurance company, and the Insurance Company Limited who donated 5000 copies, however, when a reporter landing site for the company’s platform. "Has been submitted, but no feedback, then 4 days, reporters call the telephone service, told the channel has not yet opened, giving the object is still not clear audit, the current progress of


for the original content to protect the weak Internet, the insurance company’s website is the original author of the flicker is not clear, but with this news to enhance the click rate of its own site is true. Step back and say, 5000 insurance this gift, the audit is very strict, and the only way for the protection of the original content is put into the legal way, a thousand words are reproduced, copied text, pseudo original, whether the site or the author, most of them can only be helpless "" Oh, this article is reproduced, copied, is false original…… The success of rights and can lose much money, there may be reproduced directly to the site to remove trouble, therefore, take the legal route, basically

is nonsense!


The effect of

website originality on website

is a website to let more people know, the original content can not be less, only to the original site, will let the search engine constantly included, increasing exposure, in order to attract a large number of users to access the site, although the recent search engine Baidu big brother and the Department of Putian and disputes on the headlines, sensation, but for most of the sites, traffic from search engines still can not be ignored!

update for web content, the earliest time, many webmaster is not particularly care about, because there is a small software very fire, called "pseudo original tools", but recently this kind of small software gradually no market, the reason is self-evident, by the pseudo original software accumulation of web content, not only the user cannot read. The search engine robots would ban this article

mere trash!

pseudo original is helpless to the weight of the website, in contrast to those who walk the original route website, gradually get search engine and the user’s favor, website weight a little higher, although very hard, but the owners have tasted the sweetness, but then, things are not so happy!

website original affliction

a webmaster complain that my website updates, other website immediately reproduced, leaving no reprint address, even more exasperating is that they make this simple change, becomes the original, and the other high weight website, the Baidu big brother only recorded his own. But the site is not included, how can I


for most websites, the quality of updating articles is generally not high, because there is no major