The six level network such as lakes and SEO do stop joking

networks such as rivers and lakes. Some people in the game; some people worldly-wise and play safe, overweeningly ambitious martial arts training, waiting for some day in the future blockbuster; some people fight battles in which nothing, hate not upside down; but the real master is always in the world, you can’t see him, has almost become a legend. If I am a novice, not qualified to talk about what what station level, "the two words in the title. Is written, you do not have to tell me seriously, but small hope to laugh enough.

the first realm, shallow involved rivers and lakes,

the webmaster think everything is fresh, quite fearless courage, want to do a big station, do not have to do a large special station, let your eyes become a netizen station famous pearl. Put everything in the template and artists, think to do station station style, that people will see good website. The nuances of every art on our mind, as if he is not in the website but in carving a piece of art. The webmaster who has a little art base will use a nice large picture + web portal on the home page, even use flash as the front page, and use the fancy symbols such as symbols in the title of the website. This website is also characterized by a love in the title and description of the use of "most" or "first" and "only", "portal" and other words, everywhere in the Baidu Post Bar and QQ group issued. Pull flow, ha ha, I believe we have the impression.

the second state, qinxuekulian


owners have begun to realize that there is a thing called the SEO arena, then went to visit around the mountains looking for an expert, could not wait to use on your site on every income, but do not know why the little. So this intolerable, moving up and down, ask around where you do wrong or what to do, do not do so…… "You won’t learn it yourself," roared the crowd impatiently!". The webmaster yangtianzhangtan: JB downhearted, really trouble, I also worry about death.

third level zouhuorumo

heroes Qiushi once said, almost any discipline SEO people will experience zouhuorumo stage. The specific symptom is that whenever you see a website, you have to analyze it, and follow the spider trail every day until late in the morning. And I said here also includes another symptom, is that SEO is equal to anything, as the first station from SEO, selected from the SEO template first consideration, once encountered a pure div+css template to get all the treasure immediately, the decorations were removed, regardless of processing after "how many poor ugly. Plus the article also first consider the keyword distribution, originally this sentence no place to add keywords, but this location Feng Shui is too good, so hard to add one up, just to puzzle spiders. Maybe now I was entering the deranged state, a specific performance is the latest note >