Two years of webmaster career, what did gain

when the personal webmaster for two years, contact SEO is commonly known as the website optimization we have been more than 1 years (sorry, may not smooth, this fully shows that if do not a good idea to structure the site of the station is wrong)

I always like anger like Q brain excitement, every thing is over is the webmaster session of celebrity blog, around Admin5, a point where (of course Admin5 is now rarely visited, except when the text of the brain) every day high speed particle motion state, the word, excitement. See people say good personal website, publicity SEO free from local Langfang, advocating the website optimization benefits the interests of ah, ah, ah now has been such a prospect, and it can be called the search engine a bit obsessive-compulsive disorder, my high school play network game addiction style. The difference is that this situation can now find a better reason for its own, not only feel that the situation is not so bad, but always "technical pioneers", "business opportunities" as the "self".

now, for a year, a lot has happened and it’s time to reflect on it. Inventory of the next 1 years of work, to see what I have done, perhaps I could have been brainwashed friends to the bottom of the heart, draw some lessons.

1, visited the N webmaster forum, SEO forum, celebrity blog,

2, review the webpage making knowledge;

3, in doing SEO work, met a lot of friends, including the network under the Internet;

4, cramming marketing and business experience, see a lot of psychology stuff;

5, made a few garbage stations (my definition is to collect, generate, do not have more than edit the site, whether it is large or all), earn a little GGAD;

6, do some enterprise station, optimize the website;

7, like all the people in Langfang Internet company, popularized and popularized search engine optimization knowledge;

8, in some two network companies have served, behind the experience of a long time, in total added up to half a year;

9, sleep, cook,

well, I admit, 10 very perfunctory above, but this year I will do these things above certain parts or brains make up, my life is not their own imagination as rich and colorful, the text is really a good stuff, sometimes some things only recorded just understand the existence of the text, can travel through time, and crushed some unreal unreal things, here to talk about my income;

1 knows some quick ways to get the required knowledge;

2 has developed a search engine obsessive compulsive disorder,

3 has made a number of friends in the industry, including online and offline;