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June 21, 2016, Haier U+ smart open platform located in Beijing, Fengtai District Haier business incubation space held a "public record" polymerization to create the future "Haier U+ innovation demonstration base of the ceremony, the Fengtai District government leadership, leadership development and Reform Commission, industry experts, Haier U+ relevant person in charge, venture capital institutions experts, U+ open platform cooperation partners and news media to witness the grand award.


[response "double" call the construction of leading off the record incubation space


comprehensive innovation, intelligent home industry is the foundation of iterative updates. The creativity of a single enterprise or alliance is limited, it is difficult to ensure the speed of innovation in the field. Creative power as a business innovation to supplement the wisdom of the industry to bring the inexhaustible fresh blood, accelerate the landing of the concept of smart home. Today, a wave of entrepreneurship is sweeping the country, the latest international consulting firm UHY, London, said the number of start-ups in China each year to nearly 100% of the rate of growth, by 2014 has reached 10 million. However, in the case of a blowout behind the passenger size, the entire group of living environment is not ideal, a considerable number of small and micro enterprises and even less than three years of life.


resources from the market and many other dimensions to create customized small help to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship, to create a good environment for the growth of passenger demand, become the most urgent moment of the entrepreneurial economy, creating incubators emerged. Haier U+ innovation demonstration base is Haier U+ and Ni Banger Beijing science and Technology Incubator Co. Ltd. jointly established Small and micro businesses incubator, is focused on consumer electronics and intelligent Home Furnishing composed of the wisdom of life in the field of public record space. The launch site, starter hourglass opening, attracted to the scene personnel have raised eyebrows, with savings in an hourglass energy ball, field staff enthusiasm mobilized, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 in the countdown to the atmosphere is lit.

has settled incubator business representatives said, the future will depend on the depth of cooperation with industry resource integration with Haier U+, from the point of pain in each stage of creative ideas, product design, supply chain, marketing and a series of incubation projects for incubating enterprises one-stop service, the accumulation time of change, build the industry’s leading investment hit off the drive platform.


[bred to create a win-win ecosystem of smart home industry]

with the rise of the Internet economy, the smart home industry ushered in a historic opportunity for development, Research and Markets forecast, by 2018 the global smart home market size is expected to exceed $68 billion. To Microsoft, Google, Apple’s strong performance in artificial intelligence, Home Furnishing control center in the field in recent years, eager to domestic Baidu, Ali, millet and other Jingdong, all forces, a wisdom economy enclosure of the war has already begun.