Network editor what do you do to conquer your employer (two)

in the previous article, I have talked about some of the current domestic network editing industry some problems, which is the core of the network editor position no one can quantify the entry requirements, making the network editing requirements of low threshold, complex mix, direct manifestation of network editing of low wages.

series of low wages that, in the network industry editors have not what topic, an entry for two years editing wages, may not have a technical department entry-level programmer, second tier city 1200~1500 a month, a city 2000~2500 is considered a moderate wage in the network editor.

once heard a network company’s boss said: "network editor well, not copy and paste, to a 1000 to a block of money has been very high."."


network editors are commonly believed to be the low technological content, low level jobs? Regardless of management problems, the company’s problems, social problem and so on, but because its not as network editor, making their development into an unprecedented passive situation.

now many network books are like this: "anyway, so much money, you let me do what do, copy and paste no problem, a little more things, can drag on tow.".

thematic planning, design? Impossible. That’s the art of the matter.

soft Wen writing? Yes, write an article a week.

forum management, you can, every day to reprint two articles, delete, delete advertising stickers.

organizational activities?…… .

discuss cooperation?……

Most of the

network in addition to edit, copy and paste every day and put all sorts of things together, what also can create value for the company


looked at the market department with the humble street, looking for business opportunities, don’t touch the net have no trace of


looked at the service department every day to receive phone calls from customers, said at keeping sweet voice and gentle attitude, do not have the net a little upset


looked at the technical department’s colleagues who solved technical problems every day and stayed up late to develop new pages and new functions. Did the nets have no sympathy?

Each department

company must assume responsibility and obligation, and the maximum duty is in the fierce market competition, launched the best products, provide the best quality service, as far as possible to let more people know it.

, then, the editorial department should use its own editing skills, and use the content of the site to serve the mainstream business, but unfortunately, many web editors are not aware of this.

as a network editor, the primary ability is to write, not only to write good, but also to write fast, not only to write soft Wen, but also to write the manuscript, write plans, write number