Taobao set up a clear strategic sense, the purpose can be ripe


shop is still a lot of young people choose the way of network business, many of the female guests If You Are The One shop is born, one became the object of many men chase as pretty as a flower shop owner, plus the identity of people think these girls money and leisure. Is the envy of others, but if when you become a shop owner, you will find that this is difficult to open shop success is difficult, even if it is also very difficult to dawdle.

open shop success is, the road of success although not the same, but there are some hidden rules, these rules is summed up in two words strategy, as long as the strategy of open shop right, focusing on the strategy to set up shop, then the profit objective will be a matter of course. Here to analyze the three steps to open shop strategic thinking.

one, put in position, increase power

has a passion for open shop shop owner than the likelihood of success without passion to exceed 100%, not a passion of the shop has been declared failed, with a passion for the owner can not 100% successful, but there will not be too far away from success. But the shop owner titles from the date of birth is basically and are inseparable relationship, but also will be the people that do not belong to a legitimate occupation, belongs to the young entrepreneurial impulse, but when some owner of shop operators to the crown shop, you will find the shop owner’s identity has been quietly changed that shop has not that drinking tea can make the occupation, but to pay more than others.

especially the recent news that some shop owners too hard, and even sudden death phenomenon, let the public to the shop owner to re-examine the shop owner, really want to be successful, no industry is not possible, so when you are ready to shop before the operation, not going to suffer, as long as the product shelves can wait for the home user to make money, the possibility is almost zero, so to open shop must first place the position.

two, analysis of competitors, improve online content

may be a lot of the owner will think the shop is a very simple thing, just upload some online data, these data are often even some goods shop to provide data packets, and then use these data to be uploaded to Taobao assistant shop, and then realize the profit. But when these packets are distributed to numerous competitors, you will find that the emergence of a large number of similar commodity name and description on the Internet, which naturally makes many consumers have fatigued, and once an online fraud or quality of the goods is not good, it will affect the enterprise similar to the shop, so I think the shop the content must be personalized, when shop products to re upload, edit, and seriously study the Taobao SEO, a reasonable set of headings and windows and on the shelf time, from the details of the perfection of goods, so that it can eliminate the consumer to shop do not trust "