Should you specialize in one direction, or do you work on the whole stack

The concept of

full stack originated from the Full Stack Developer, which refers to the use of a variety of methods and skills, independent control of a product, and even a complete product operation.

, in fact, it reflects the comprehensive operation of an operator’s means of operation, tools, skills and capabilities, and tests the comprehensive operation ability.

so, is full stack operation a new thing?


early operation, no matter from which modules, such as planning, operation, operation and other community activities, with the rise of personal position, are from a specific product, up to a module, and then gradually to have the ability to control a product. When you meet the requirements of the operations director, you already have the height you need to reach the full stack operation. Therefore, the whole stack operation is a new concept, but it is not a new thing.

full stack operation is very strong in every respect

if you want to achieve the height of the whole stack operation, whether each aspect should be top-notch, can you call it "operation master"? In fact, the operation is a meticulous, link, a lot of work, relying on their own efforts to achieve perfection, even to the point of excellence, is very unrealistic.


for example, full stack operations like a hotel executive chef, executive chef of the thing is according to the demand to help diners you face, to decide what kind of dishes, cooking methods to a combination of a table with diners like food. This is something you need to consider as the executive chef, so you focus more on the overall architecture, the division of labor, the timing structure, and the allocation of resources. And a specific dish on the table, such as braised lion head, you may not know better than cook this dish chef.

The framework and method of

operation ability training

The direction of

operations is from the local to the whole, no matter which point you start from, it is actually in the operating system. How to train the working ability of operators?

first of all, we split the operation and found that operators need to cultivate at least 5 aspects of capacity: goals, strategies, tactics, tactics, tools and basic work.

objectives: pull new, transform, active and retained, these four aspects are the most concerned about the operators;

strategy: from the product level of strategic thinking, such as: crowd segmentation, product positioning, refining product sales, etc.;

tactical tactics: specific tactical operations, such as feelings shaping, price means, competition, sniper, big fish in small pond, etc.;

means: content, activities, media resources, traffic purchases are just a means of operations, or a number of means of operation