Personal experience of local talent website

the city where I live is Qujing, Yunnan province. The city is the second largest city in Yunnan Province, the chemical industry, machinery, mining and agriculture and tobacco as the pillar industry, is a prefecture level city in Yunnan province and semi developed in the development of a Xuanwei City, under the jurisdiction of Huize County, Fuyuan County, Shizong County, Luoping County, Zhanyi County, Malone County, enterprises the relatively small, the government attaches great importance to the network is now, Yunnan recruitment network, there are other places in Qujing harbor, and Qujing convenience net, Qujing net, pearl river network, has been on the whole of Qujing city and the surrounding counties are slowly with recruiting network popularization, and talent network enterprises some also have appeared, but they are not very professional, but by now the network of Qujing market is very chaotic, not professional, not regular. Not the size of the phenomenon, we are faced with so many competitors, only by constantly learning and strive to seize the opportunity to occupy a space for one person recruitment in the city of Qujing, now I have my experience to write out the Qujing talent network.

contact talent recruitment industry. It is in a time and opportunity I have made. I came back from the field. Prepare your own business at home, do other trades. But it’s hard to find the right place because of the economy, time, and address. I turn online every day to start the project, before contact in the Internet industry for five years, the industry actually seems tired, tired, once, in the Baidu post bar. I saw someone in Huize asking. Is there a regular talent website in Huize?. I looked for it. There is no formal talent network, but I know the small ads posted on the streets, and those companies are looking for the right people. The job seeker is looking for a job that suits him. So many people are upset about not having this platform. I think this is also a chance, I will spend some time and money to do the Huize talent network. Later, we set up our own network studio, but our whole Qujing area. The Internet market is very confusing. I want to target in Qujing, so that the cause bigger, the following is I do Qujing talent network

some experiences and processes:

1, at the beginning, I spent one month to the website program debugging and running, the beginning of our website do not flow and click rate, even in Baidu search, to make a website with valuable content is king, the first step is I and the staff every day add some QQ group in Qujing. Then continue to send mails and send some publicity in the group, and some Links in some well-known websites, then each week to collect talent market recruitment information, at the same time, some small printed leaflets to see the recruitment of job seekers and recruiters telling anyone, collected in the talent market information to the office for enterprise registration upload, telephone their account number and password and our web site. Alone back from the talent market information is not enough, but also actively took the name card to the office building and the street "saolou" street "". Local cities are small, but also relatively good promotion, one month down, Baidu also >