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for the secondary trading site, new Chen at that time, just know fur although still fur, however, since the thought, I want to do, or you may become heart disease; then, the new Chen began to work for the campus secondary trading site, although only 1 months however, because of the time; the campus website, the initial form is of course first opened in the campus, on the promotion to the outside, it belongs to the two phase of the project; understand that the school server can be borrowed, but because to do many procedures the celestial world, so you know the new Chen will choose foreign space, registered a shunzui Quanpin domain name, Internet to download a free program, then the installation test run…… Preliminary work has been completed, and then entered into the most crucial step, how to let the students take the second-hand goods on my web site, how to let the students go to my website for a transaction, then began to busy……


text description we can see that this is the promotion of, the keyword search box below that, the user can click to enter, and do not need to enter then submit, the passive to active. Green text has been prompted at this time, revenue promotion should be divided into royalty increases. Now log in to your shlf1314 Adsense to get the search code, try the new style, and see if it can really bring you a revenue surprise.

quick 51, businesses are already busy awfully, through television, leaflets, network advertising everywhere, all want to get a piece of cake; this does not, the school organization secondary market transactions have to be held, but it’s the new Chen was silent, because want to play the new Chen the failure of the secondary trading site last year……


pay attention to the choice of search code to select the "add key link", there are two kinds of style "in the search box on the right shows the link", "to see the effect in the search box to display links, search box: new style

now the Internet is no longer a human era, but team cooperation era. The new Chen also know, will organize the staff, and then add a new e there are 6 people, three women and three men, then assign the task, the new Chen is responsible for site operation and maintenance, security, editing, optimization, the other two men responsible for the boys’ dormitory goods collection and publicity, the three women responsible for dormitory building work; they will ask each dormitory have to deal, and will be recorded in the book with his new blog Chen finishing, I put the supply and demand of their classification, in accordance with the classification of goods, so everything in the plan of……

seems to be a very simple thing, it is difficult to do it! But the new Chen is never afraid of difficulties, always insist on, I do not know how much all day and night, finally finishing well, the amount of data is not too much, there are hundreds of new information, but Chen in a responsible heart description of goods, the extent of the damage are written in great detail, contact is made very thin, about the new marketing program, Chen also made two perfect marketing methods, and then waiting for the arrival of that day……


, maybe you’ll say, "you get it!"



login today shlf1314 Adsense background, found shlf1314 search advertising more than one, from the style picture, looks like sh419 previously launched search box:

story also since last year, the new year is Chen first contact with the network, not afraid of the so-called tiger, the new Chen is also interested in many things, such as: the campus secondary trading; it is because I heard the school in restaurants, entertainment plaza that held the secondary market began, the message notice in advance for 1 months, then the new Chen had an idea: do a campus secondary trading site