Open shop where to find suppliers, how to open shop to make money

in the Taobao store is really easy? For the uninitiated should be easy; however, insiders know that a Taobao shop easily, want to do a single business is simply prohibitively difficult. Each experienced Taobao has a set of methods and techniques to open their own shop, my skill is to open the virtual Taobao. Small investment, save credit, just for newcomers is undoubtedly the most useful way, which is what I just started doing Taobao.

what is Taobao virtual shop?

what is the Taobao virtual shop, said a simple point, that is not the kind of goods sold, but virtual things. For example, we often charge the cost of the game currency is a virtual commodity. Logistics is only in the form of display, the product to the user’s hands. Open Taobao virtual store has a great advantage, the cost of goods back to ben. Basically as long as the user recharge, two or three minutes or even can reach users within one minute hand, at the same time, we store the flow of funds will come back. The flow of funds a lot of liquidity, we shop to save a lot of money costs. Do not know can add my QQ381713669 professional guidance novice shop, package teaching package.

open Taobao virtual shop is the need for software. A lot of similar software on the market, has just started, I am also very careful, startling step by step, do not know how to choose. In contrast to some older recommendation, I chose the rack. Why choose the rack? Mainly because it is relatively inexpensive, as long as the cost of 300 yuan ocean can buy a lifelong right to use the software. A is for Taobao services virtual recharge software.

as for its operation method is also very simple, as long as the software recharge 100 yuan as liquidity. Then the buyer to recharge, the software will automatically open the function of shipping. So we do not have to look at the computer every day to look at the next order, the software will be for us to deal with. Naturally, we also need to find out the source of supply and logistics problems, which is its virtual place.

high profit? Open virtual Taobao is not considered the most profitable thing. Take charge calls for it, each person every month must charge the bill, the country of 1 billion 300 million people, even if the profit of 1 cents per unit, there are a lot of profit. So we do not have to worry about the lack of resources, the key is to do a good job of promotion.

will not promote how to do? We novice just do a virtual shop will not be promoted, this is no problem ah. When buying software, the company will teach users how to promote, the approach is very simple, very easy to learn.

open Taobao virtual shop is also good? Of course, the most important thing is the accumulation of credit. If it is to rely on the sale of goods, then there is no single business day, the credit will not go up naturally. Do virtual recharge is different, many users need, every day there are dozens of single store business, work hard enough, half a year can do drilling >