To break the old thinking to make the enterprise stand Optimization Website Ranking fly

The choice of keywords

enterprise boss is not proficient in Shanghai Longfeng, that choose the main keywords to flow, natural order; on the other side of Shanghai dragon ER taking into account the main key charges than high tail, earn well. Both lead to more enterprises will choose to abandon the main keywords, long tail keywords advantage. What are the advantages of long tail keywords? First, optimization of long tail keywords are generally rely on enterprise products to support the station page, when potential customers through the long tail keywords into the page, the product page will display directly to him, rather than the home page, also need the customer to find the information they need. Second, the long tail keywords optimization easily, the conversion rate of flow is particularly high.


said there must be the chain construction plan or the implementation of the program, but few really do, are desperate to release the home page link, in order to promote the rapid keyword ranking. On the other hand, the enterprise boss is a strength of rush ranking, wish to pay a deposit, tomorrow will be able to home. The two sides of the joint are fast rankings, which prompted the Shanghai dragon the chain ER outside all point to the home page, do not want to spend any time in the content page chain.

suggested that Shanghai Longfeng workers must recommend business owners learn primary and secondary collocation, so that not only the long-term development of the site will have the same benefits, long tail keywords will make Shanghai Longfeng easy optimization of the workload of the ER decreases, with more optimized order.

believe that many friends from Shanghai Dragon Enterprise station optimization into Shanghai dragon in this industry, Wang Shifan is the same, only the accumulation of a large number of enterprise station optimization experience will make their level of Shanghai Longfeng better. Today some old way of thinking of the enterprise stand optimization, Wang Shifan wanted to put forward their own views and opinions, if wrong, please forgive me.

Two, how to optimize the sequence of

that we in the end how to layout your chain? 8:2 home page and the content page chain is the best proportion. Some people will say that early website home page chain, such as the home to go up, then properly do content chain. Wang Shifan wanted to say, this is no problem, but in the long run, this way does not conform to the construction of the chain, the chain of natural science, so that whether early or late, according to the ratio of 8:2 to build the home page and the content page chain.

layout of the main keywords and long tail keywords


most of the cases, love Shanghai more and more on the content, the quality of website content can improve the ranking is the everlasting truth. Even so, many Shanghai dragon ER still only in the original content, regardless of the content is not updated with your theme. As the theme of the site is fireproof materials, website content is material knowledge can be updated, so not around "


, a chain from A to Z are pointing to the home page,

three, must be around the target keywords website content