Unlock confused chain + article Shanghai dragon in learning is not all thinking

[figure 1]

chain is just like these in the way, rather than the nature of reason. The essential reason is the need to support data, but also need their own breadth of knowledge. To say the HTTP1.1 agreement on the common sense. The following diagram is simulated, Google crawl the page.

recently and some industry friends into Shanghai Longfeng, found a lot of peers in the "stop outside the station is outside the chain, the station is thinking of the update of the layer". I want to optimize Shanghai dragon is only stay in the "chain + article" level.

[figure 2]

at the same time, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should have the ability of programming (non HTML), so you can go to think about a lot of problems from the angle of search engine, which can get the conclusion is not the same with people. Example: do you know the text, or anchor text. If you stand in the perspective of program you will think of this need for statistical > a statistically significant

for example, ranking off, because the chain of site factors. Is the need for more reasons to find the essence, rather than relying on guess. Guess by Shanghai dragon is able to do optimization, may need to account for a large element of luck.

, for example, included not ideal, because the structure of the web site, or the quality problem. You may be more robots.txt ban. The reason behind all this is actually thinking ability.

the answer is denied, if you only stay in the "chain + article" in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners easily learning the bottle neck at. With the Shanghai dragon industry more and more people involved, the competition is bound to exacerbate. These days have read a book "thinking technology: thinking determines the competitiveness" Kenichi Ohmae stressed a basic way of thinking: hypothesis testing,. Assuming a verification conclusion. This is the most basic scientific research way of thinking is the most common, which allows us to recognize should focus on logical thinking, enhance the daily training of thinking, to truly improve the thinking ability.

actually do Shanghai Longfeng need this ability to think. For example, the log will display all the spider behavior, through the log analysis can know the basic situation of the site, which requires the ability of data analysis.

In fact, the

we can see that in fact is not only a spider grab your content, and your head HTTP. Now that these spiders crawl, it will not affect the Shanghai dragon, the answer is yes.

we can see that in fact the spider crawling in three ways, head, post, get. You can see through the log clear. At the same time actually through the analysis, the log can know, JS, CSS spider crawling. These analyses are derived from the log, if you know that the analysis log on the market a lot of controversy is not interesting.