Through the A5 deal, he changed himself for a few years……

A5 venture network was founded in 2005, more than ten years ago, during this period has gradually accumulated a lot of new and old customers. Today Xiaobian to introduce you, this is our A5 entrepreneurial network of a hardcore fans, he from a very early time through the A5 transactions, specifically what time, even he himself can not remember. In this chat, Xiao Bian also understand some of his current business, I believe that through this interview, we can also have more understanding of him.

domain name, website, public number, one does not fall

although I can’t remember what time to start trading, but these years through the A5 transaction, he said that A5 was very helpful to him, a few years time to get a Mercedes, so thank you very much A5, small A5 and colleagues also feel very honored. In the chat, Li old told Xiao Bian, when he was done before the electricity supplier, at least once a week A5, now basically every day, domain name, website to the public, he has contact.

recently, Lao Li is not old by A5 transactions to buy a public number, the name of the Amoy clothes. Certification has been completed, mainly used to release new clothing.


In addition to the transaction of public

number, this year he also bought two domain names are and The former has been built, the program is also in A5 purchase. is currently under development, is expected to soon be on the line. In an interview with the small series that Lee is not the old buy a domain name and not for investment, but also to the station. At present in the market, used to make the terminal domain there are many. Ask Lao Li is not husband number, domain name and website which a transaction is relatively long, and not Lee said before the site to buy relatively more, the target now is to put on weight and the number of public domain, mainly for small, professional type, as long as the appropriate resources will buy.

was not the first pot of gold sites rely on

Li old long before trading two sites, a television station is wave tiger, because at that time was strong, technology is not very understand will not continue. Another site is happy island, from the name of a comedy belongs to a website. He said that the real money is not through the site, and then buy happy island, the seller sent him some 7788 of the account, including the WeChat subscription number, the headline number. At that time, he had no contact with the subscription number, the headline number is not very familiar with, but found that there are often some people need to buy something, so they found a business opportunity. Because he had engaged in marketing work, responsible for the operation of Tmall’s flagship store, has a solid marketing skills, his salary is not too low, about thirty thousand in January, but think it or not save money. So do the fire is very small business, to make a small pen.

‘s regret, future goals