Billion friends SKYPE price adjustment notice


Hello everyone!

since January 18th, Skype price adjustment: 0.2 yuan / registered +0.25 yuan / active +8%CPS.

the TOM price adjustment is to increase the proportion of active users, while adjusting the market strategy, we introduced the incentive policy

specific as follows:

1) weekly (NATURAL week), the cumulative number of registered data reached > =750 and active / registration ratio of > =25%, the user will be in accordance with 0.2 yuan / registered +0.3 yuan active +8%CPS into payment;

2) (NATURAL week), weekly cumulative data to register > =1500 / > ratio and active registration; =25%, the user will be in accordance with the 0.3 yuan +0.4 yuan / registered active +8%CPS into paying members; hope to improve the rate of active users.

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