Google executives Chinese China developer was forced to fight overseas


Google China business cooperation, key account manager Zhao Yijiang

from a number of indicators, China is about to or has surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest smartphone market. Market research firm Nedham data show that in the second quarter, China’s smart phone shipments grew by 164%, reaching 33 million 100 thousand units, higher than the United States, taiwan. The IDC report is expected this year, China’s global smart phone market share will reach 20.7%, surpassing the United States of America’s $20.6%.

according to the specific platform, Analysys International (micro-blog) data show that the first quarter of China intelligent mobile phone shipments in 2/3 is based on Google (micro-blog) Android system, when the season China market accounted for global shipments of Android intelligent mobile phone 1/4. The Gartner survey shows that Google Android smartphone market share in China up to 69.5%.

but as part of the most important mobile Internet, how the current situation of the development of China application developers? Google China Commercial Cooperation Department Manager at Mobile Asia Expo in Zhao Yijiang last week after the problem was to accept foreign media interviews, and talked about the development and application of the China encountered revenue challenges.

is responsible for Google mobile advertising department Admob, Zhao Yijiang’s team every day and many Chinese mobile developers to work closely together. He said that at present China has two major application developer website. The largest Android developer community EOE currently has 300 thousand registered users, here is an important platform for Android users to exchange information; and another developer website Cocoachina has 200 thousand registered users, mainly engaged in the application development of apple iOS platform.

Zhao Yijiang pointed out that the purchase of downloads, application and mobile advertising is the application of the developer’s three business models, but these three models are facing challenges in china. Whether it is China’s application developers or foreign developers to enter the Chinese market are facing this problem.

he specifically said, apple iOS Chinese equipment in 60% were to escape, this proportion was significantly higher than 10% of the international standard, and the main purpose of Chinese jailbreak is to download pirated apps, this is the status quo China market. Jailbreak has become very easy, but also encourage more users to download pirated applications.

Zhao Yijiang said that this problem is more serious Android platform. For example, he said, Disney has a where Is My Water application is paid download in Android and iOS, but Chinese some third party Android app store for the competition between each other, will download the SDK (software development kit), and then provide the free version.

in addition, many Chinese users use illegal >