Wei Wu Feng why do oppose the media business model


Author: Wei Wu swing

I was probably from the media business prospects have been bad mouthing people (from the media itself, not bad not bad), more than a month ago, Xu Wei in WeChat and I exchange this thing, it is the new things or to positive encouragement, I hem and haw perfunctory a few words, the thought is: what new thing to say, I’m really positive encouragement? Not optimistic about it!

is not optimistic about the reasons for the media business prospects are roughly two. The first thing I did was to know how hard it was. Of course, the times have changed, the old look at the past with the new problem is to ditch the. This I confess. But there are some things that I don’t think will change. For example, continue to write this thing, not because of the blog micro-blog WeChat client frequent switching, it will significantly change. Since the media do not know how much a public number, IT circle, got into my eye in nature quite a bit, but it got into my eye there continued to update each I are holding a good two, the other, hey, ha ha, jojoba, ha ha.

This is

above can be put out with each other to discuss things, the following, which belongs to the personal values. I have always been very little writing personal values, so this article belongs to Bowen, not column. Ziyuziyue things, who watched the love turn this is his thing, nothing to do with me.

said Luo Pangzi (well, not to get the hammer), nurturing requirements. I hate it very much. In the media, saying the body charm of personality and so on, I very much agree, can be said to agree without prior without previous consultation. Because I have always advocated the media need to make room for people to write a personal image. But I don’t agree that people write, to be nurturing.

it, I was somewhat nerdy, you say I am arrogant or pedantic or, say, casually. I just can’t accept the codeword, by nurturing commercial power.

I actually wrote this article. In my years of writing career, wrote two (also may be the three) soft wen. When the pain is very painful, really have no words to say. The year before there is a relationship between great friends want me to write something, I promise is a promise, but a friend where the company’s products I never needed, and the company’s marketing action is nothing new to write. But a few days, will eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

I realized that writing a soft text against my personal principle of writing: write out the word I believe in each. Later, there is a very familiar with the public relations firm to find me to write it to the customer’s soft Wen, I said to me to see what the first thing. I think it’s a worthwhile thing for the client to write, and I stand alone on the client’s side (that is, agree with it), and then write two. The fee is: media column price, is the media to pay me, not the guest