This is how the five entrepreneurs from the grass root counter attack into the nouveau riche

introduction: This paper introduces the five incomparable talent, a good interpretation of the American dream, they start is not high, but now they are among the richest forefront, and is the world’s most successful business people.

creativity and ambition not only give entrepreneurs hope, but also deeply rooted in their entrepreneurial thinking. This article describes the five unparalleled talent, a good interpretation of the American dream, their start is not high, but now are among the richest, and is the world’s most successful business people.

Howard Schultz pour whole heart

Howard Schultz (Howard · Schultz) is a truck driver and a high school dropout girl born son, is also the chief executive officer of Starbucks coffee. He grew up in Broolyn’s public housing, life is not rich, but Howard Schultz grew up believing that they have the ability to succeed, but also became the first person to go to college at home.

in his heart: "the Starbucks coffee Kingdom legend" in one book, Schultz described his hardships in college, he worked as a waiter in the bar, sold blood, and also borrowed loans. After graduation, Schultz began selling kitchen equipment and household utensils, and then he moved to a small coffee shop in the marketing work, the coffee shop called Starbucks. Schultz to Starbucks’s work when a small Italy coffee bar, but his boss refused to assert his ideas, so he used the Starbucks coffee beans, he opened a shop, to compete with Starbucks. Two years later, in 1987, he bought Starbucks for $3 million 800 thousand, a year later, Starbucks’s sales reached $15 billion.

According to the

Forbes magazine news, today’s Schultz is supposed to be commercial giant, personal net worth of $2 billion 200 million.

Oprah Winfrey master their business destiny

she led a variety of colorful life now, her life is countless people dream of, but Oprah’s hardships only she knows. At the age of 9 she had survived in the sexual assault, 14 year old Oprah conceived, she was a young single mother raised in the last century, 50 to 60s, Oprah lived a poor life in rural mississippi.

32 years old, Oprah has his own TV show, the Oprah talk show popular in the past 25 years, skilled communication skills to bring her countless wealth, and ranks among billionaires. She created a multimedia brand Harpo Productions, as well as the recently created Oprah Winfrey Network has been a great success. Oprah is not only outstanding in the microphone industry, but also in business