Login search engine failure reasons

1, the use of the framework:

within the framework of the content is usually not within the scope of the search engine grab.

2, picture text too much, too little

4, submitted too frequently

5, the website keyword density is too high

6, the color of the text with the background color.

7, dynamic web pageContent management system

8, web server transfer

9, "no independent IP address

some hosting providers in order to save money, will be assigned to the same IP users, as long as the search engine to block one of the sites, all sites under IP have been implicated in the

10, free web space

some search engine index from free space site to complain about a lot of garbage, poor quality.

11, search engines crawl the site is not online

if the host is not stable, it may happen. Even worse, even if the site has been included, found that when the crawl is not online, the site will be deleted.

12, wrongly blocked robots index.

13, the use of a large number of Flash, DHTML, cookies, JavaScript, Java or password to enter "

14, the search engine can not parse your DNS

new domain name registration after 2-4 days to take effect, so do not immediately registered the domain name website submission

15, links too low popularity