How to improve GGAD click rate

has a lot of friends with the forum have found a problem, that is now the GGAD hits in 0.05%, very miserable!

what’s the best way to improve the click rate?

1 advertising is not like advertising, pay attention to the color and the page with.

2 text ad click rate higher than picture advertising.

3 with 336*280 large rectangle, followed by the choice of 300*250 is the middle rectangle. Two the size of advertising and emissions very well together, also recommend that you use the "wide skyscrapers", of course, as long as the text, and put it in the "close to the right edge of the position. 468*60 advertising is the worst hit.

4 color to increase the click rate (advertising content text color)

5 set advertising frame consistent background color and background color advertising pages, choose a web page and the same color as the background color, make the advertisement frame and the background color and web page, this advertisement seems like a part of the contents of web pages.

6 font, font size, word color, advertising color must be consistent with other elements of the page text. This allows for better integration into the web page

That line of code

7.Adsense ad code sets the color of links is: Google_color_link= "color"; "color" is twelve hexadecimal color number, you should set it to 0000FF, use blue links that you can click rate increase at least 25%.

8 URL color is set to the same color as the advertising text, 728*90 and 468*60 ads will not show URL.

9 fold line above the click rate is high (first screen)

10 is the most important position in the Adsense advertising is below, the location of the keywords most likely to have an impact on advertising. For example, if the word "clown" appears below the Adsense ad, the ad may be about the circus and the clown.