Community service O2O fourth talk entrepreneurs play

The word "

" community service O2O "is the word I at the beginning of 2013 in a reader to remind certain, this word is a bit too long nor too dry, but three key links, it can be clearly summarized in this industry first," the community "; second," third "O2O service" ".

"community", is the majority of people living in residential areas;

"service" is the service market around the community;

O2O refers to the network through the network of residents living under the seamless integration of online and offline.

"community service O2O" means a better service to the residents of the community through the internet. O2O itself means that the combination of online and offline, and the residents of the community’s living activities have been on the line online and offline switching state, so the community service is a natural O2O project.

community service from the community began, only the early community service level and it cannot be mention in the same breath. With the development of the Internet and electricity supplier, O2O appeared, when O2O met community service, the industry has finally waited until the eve of the outbreak.

wrote before the three article on community service O2O article, are "neglected", "community service O2O O2O community service: a simmering change", "business community service O2O gold? Not so simple!", the online search "community service O2O" is basically the I the three article of the three articles is a feedback time research on the industry. I was not only researchers in this industry, and the industry participants line (with friends in the business, and so on) share of this industry are keenly aware of the feelings.


the previous three articles have many practitioners to contact me, there are executives of large companies, there are also some rich handsome entrepreneurs, of course, there are many so hard you can not think of the grass root, and the property company etc.. The author of the understanding of the industry is more, every kind of play are heard. Generally can be divided into electricity providers, services, media, tools, social class.

community network is regarded as an electricity supplier. Around the community to build a network of supermarket projects all over the country, Jingdong in Taiyuan and Tang Long convenience store cooperation is also in this category. Community network supermarket without too much explanation, we can understand, is for the community residents of the electricity supplier business.

is a community oriented group purchase, business class, in the form of group purchase starting community electricity supplier market is relatively easy, usually provide group purchase product in a particular season, such as a variety of seasonal fruits or special holiday group purchase group purchase, such as the mid autumn moon cake, crab, group purchase, as well as for hot events such as fog and haze can group purchase. Provide air purification equipment.

card integrated peripheral businesses, can be regarded as a service class. Card in the form of life has been very common now, not in the cost of lip >